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Roy Clarke Demonstration & Competition

April 2017, Colchester Woodturners

Well done to all the club members that entered the Colchester Woodturners competition, and congratuations to the winners, as usual the quality of turning was fantastic.


Thank you to Roy Clarke for the entertaining evening demonstration, and a link below is to for the technical drawing for you to have a try. Click Here

Christmas Stall & End of Year News 2018

December 2018, Colchester Woodturners

Thank you to all members that donated items for our Christmas stall and everyone that helped with the stall. We made a whopping £1250 for one of our charities we support St. Helena Hospice. Well done to the winners of our annual competition, in both classes experienced and novice, all of the entries were on top form as usual.

Colchester Woodturners now has new committee members as well as changes to the committee. We welcome our new members to the committee and thank all of the committee members that have stood down especially Roy Clarke for all his years of service as Chairman and welcome Kelvin Bowles as the new Chairman. 

Competition, Jigs & Auction Night

September 2018, Colchester Woodturners

We had a good turn out of competition entries, with 16 members taking on the challenge. All of the entries were very good and again the quality of the wood turning was exceptional. Well done to the winner and runners up, and thank you to all entrants.


The auction night was fun, as usual there were plenty of bargains to be had and a fun night all round. The wood turning jigs that were brought in showed how to make wood turning tasks easier and how to speed up jobs like creating blanks easier and how to stabilize wood while turning.

Con Rendall Demonstration

July 2018, Colchester Woodturners

Once a year Colchester Woodturners club tries to get a demonstration that is not directly related to woodturning. Con Rendall is a luthier and we had a good questions and answers session on the making of instruments and the techniques and methods used to get to a finished article.


We were shown how a wood bending tool works with water and steam and the types of tools, finishes and glues used while making the instruments. Colchester Woodturners club would like to thank Con Rendall for an informative evening.

Chris & Rita Norton Demonstration

June 2018, Colchester Woodturners

Colchester Woodturners club definitely looked forward to seeing the experts in colouring wood in action, and they didn't disappoint. Most of the club members had questions to ask about techniques they use, products they have tried, what they recommend and finishes they use that are added to their woodturned items.

Chris showed the club techniques on woodturning and Rita explained how to use colours and products to get the correct colour consistencies for realistic looking fruit. An enjoyable evening with a lot learned.

Ruth Murchie Demonstration

May 2018, Colchester Woodturners

With a last minute change to our programme, one of our new members Ruth Murchie stepped in and provided the club with a great demonstration on pole lathes. We learned the history of the pole lathe, how they work and the tools and steps to using it. 

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, with Ruth providing a bit of theatre in her demonstration and a couple of our members getting involved and having a go on the tools and lathe. The club would like to thank Ruth and congratulate her for providing a very good demonstration.

Colchester Woodturners Annual Competition

December 2017, Colchester Woodturners

The annual competition for the club was judged at our last meeting. We had a great turnout of items and all of the entries were fantastic.

The winning table lamp is impressive by any standards and the club members agreed it was a fun event. We had 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and also a novice award for our newer members. All pictures can be seen in our photo gallery.

We also had our AGM meeting and would like to welcome our newest member voted into the committee. The club programme is now on the website and it should be a fun 2018. From all of us at the Colchester Woodturners have a good Christmas and happy new year.

Help for Heroes, Woodturning for Welbeing

August 2017, Colchester Woodturners

The Help for Heroes Recovery Centre in Colchester has started offering their beneficiaries woodturning sessions.


The sessions are guided by members of the Colchester Woodturners Club; all giving up their time for free in order to teach interested veterans how to turn wood effectively. They even bring along their own lathes and other equipment to ensure the best experience possible.

Colchester Woodturners would like to thank Thoroughgood Timber near Colchester, Robert Sorby and DJ Evans of Bury-St-Edmunds who have all donated materials. Click Here for the press release.

Hands-On Evening & Club Competition

May 2017, Colchester Woodturners

The club competition once again had a lot of very good entries, a big thank you to everyone who entered an item.  Check out the Gallery.


We had a clear 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

This year the club introduced the best woodturned item by our rookie wood turners, with up to 2 years experience.

It was an enjoyable evening with club members having a go on the lathes with information, tips, tricks and resolutions being provided by the more experienced and professional woodturners on hand.

Jennie Starbuck Demonstration

March 2017, Colchester Woodturners

A superb demonstration showing how to get more out of your woodturning by adding that little bit extra to a standard piece of wood. 

Jennie showed us a different side to woodturning if you let your creative side run wild. The tips and tricks that were demonstrated gave everyone something to think about and how they could adapt the different techniques to their woodturned items at home.

The Colchester Woodturners club committee would like to sincerely thank Jennie for her beautiful plaque that she made for the club and for adding a couple of prizes to the raffle that is held at each meeting.

Roy Clarke Demonstration

January 2017, Colchester Woodturners

Happy new year from Colchester Woodturners.


With Andy Coates unfortunate news, Colchester Woodturners chairman Roy Clarke stepped in to save the day. Roy demonstrated how to make a bird box with the sort of wood your friend or neighbour donates to you,

Roy went through the steps on turning a couple of planks of wood into a turnable object, to then creating a beautiful bird box for your garden.

It was a great turn out to the clubs first demonstration of 2017, we hope you all enjoyed the evening and our thoughts and wishes go to Andy Coates.

Annual Club Competition

December 2016, Colchester Woodturners

Colchester Woodturners annual competition for a turned box, maximum diameter 4", maximum height 6" including any finial again had a lot of fantastic entries this year.


Congratulations to our Winning club member, and thank you to everyone that participated.


The competition winner decided that next years annual competition will be: a table lamp, use your imagination!.

Good luck!

Charity Christmas Stall 2016

14th December 2016, Colchester High Street

Colchester Woodturners annual Christmas stall had another great year at the Colchester Christmas Fair. The stall took a fantastic total of £1054.20 for St Helena Hospice, thank you to everyone involved.

Every penny goes to the charity. The standard of work donated is exceptional and the public of all ages are very happy to show their appreciation of the items made by buying lots of them.


Check our Gallery page for more photographs.

Colchester Woodturners 2017 Club Programme

November 2016, Club events and meetings



Colchester Woodturners 2017 programme is now available.

Many thanks to the club treasurer & committee for sorting out a superb line up of activities and demonstrations for the club in 2017.

Mark Baker - Woodturning Demonstration

August 2016, Club meeting

An entertaining and informative demonstration by Mark Baker, editor of the very popular Woodturning Magazine. A lot of good new and used tips and tricks of the woodturning trade were shown for the Colchester Woodturners to take away and try themselves.

Mark demonstrated woodturning of 2 lidded vessels and how to minimise wood grain tearing when turning bowls.

Click Here for the Woodturning Magazine Website.

Ken Veal - Introduction to Wood Carving

July 2016, British Woodcarvers Association

Thank you to Ken for an interesting evening about woodcarving. The wood carvings that Ken brought to the demonstration were exceptional.

Please head over to our Gallery to see what we are talking about. 

The British Woodcarvers association exists to advance and promote the art and craft of wood carving and sculpture in all its forms, to encourage the exchange of ideas between members, promote best practice and to enable wood carvers and sculptors to promote their work to a wider audience.

Hands On Meeting & Club Competition

June 2016, hands on evening and club competition

First off,..........a big thankyou to all members that participated in the club competition, The wands that were created were fantastic in everyway and the level of craftmanship was very impressive, I think "Harry Potter" would have had a hard time choosing one!


Well done to the competition winner and all runners up.

The Colchester Woodturners club hands on evening was well attended with a good turn out of lathes, 5 in total. Thankyou to our demonstrators making this an enjoyable evening.

Website Update - Items For Sale

May 2016, Colchester Woodturners Website

Good News!


Colchester Woodturners now have the ability for club members to sell any items they no longer use through our Colchester Woodturners website. Contact the club Treasurer for details or ask for information at the next club meeting - 6th June 2016.

The Colchester Woodturners club also welcomes our new joiners to the club, and hope they enjoy the events planned for the rest of the year.

Roy Clarke Demonstration

January 2016, Colchester Woodturners

Happy new year from Colchester Woodturners.


Colchester Woodturners chairman Roy Clarke demonstrated how to re-use an old bowls ball into a great woodturned mallet. In true Roy fashion he showed his tips and tricks for a fun evening of woodturning.

It was great to see all the new vistors to our first meet in 2016, and we hope you all enjoyed the evening and hope to see you again.

Annual Club Competition

December 2015, Colchester Woodturners

Colchester Woodturners annual competition for an inlaid platter had alot of fantastic entries this year, thanks to the members that participated. The competition winner decided that next years annual competition will be:: a turned box, maximum diameter 4", maximum height 6" including any finial.

All club members have until June to complete the additional club competition with the wood provided by the club to design a turned wand, no excuses! If you are a new member and require a piece of wood for the competition please speak to Roy Clarke.


Good luck!

Charity Christmas Stall

6th December 2015, Colchester High Street

Colchester Woodturners annual Christmas stall broke all previous records at the Colchester Christmas Fair this year. The stall took a fantastic total of £1650.00 for St Helena Hospice, thankyou to everyone involved.

Every penny goes to the charity. No deductions of any sort are made and the operators of the fair, do not no charge for the stall and provide free electricity.

The standard of work donated is exceptional and the public of all ages are very happy to show their appreciation of the items made by buying lots of them.


Check our Gallery page for more photographs.

Andy Coates Day Event

24th October 2015, Colchester Woodturners Club

We had the excellent Andy Coates come and demostrate at our club for an all day event on the 24th of October.


Andy produced 4 different items over the day, showing different ways and features that can be incorporated in to woodturning. It was great to see how fairly standard woodturned objects could be completely transformed with different ideas and products on the market.

Club member Alan Essam has kindly put together an overview of techniques shown on the day by woodturner Andy Coates. Click here to download.

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